Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Avoiding Manhattanization: Cobble Hill Association To Discuss Topic With Noted Preservationist

On Tuesday, May 29th, the Cobble Hill Association will be holding a reception to honor Christabel Gough, distinguished preservationist, and historian Francis Morrone.  As part of the evening's program, Christabel Gough will be the keynote speaker on an intriguing topic - "Can Cobble Hill Avoid Manhattanization?"
Sounds like an interesting discussion. Perhaps we should have the same discussion here in Carroll Gardens?

Honoring Christabel Gough, distinguished preservationist, and historian Francis Morrone
Can Cobble Hill Avoid Manhattanization?
Keynote Speaker: Christabel Gough
May 29th, 2012
Reception: 6:00 PM
Meeting: 7:30 PM
Date: Tuesday, May 29, 2012
Place: Christ Church (corner of Clinton and Kane Streets)

For more information on the meeting, click here.


Dave 'Paco' Abraham said...

Thanks for the posting Katia!
- paco

Anonymous said...

I think it's a little late for that....

Anonymous said...

that is stupid provincial title for discussion.
Fine with preserving things in neighborhood, how to keep area liveable....but this brooklyn vs. manhattan thing is childish and counterproductive.

Andrew Porter said...

The artwork showing Cobble Hill is by Leo and Diane Dillon, famous artist team who are long-time residents of CH, and have done covers and interiors for many children's, reference, and Science Fiction books. They won the Caldecott Award and many other honors. Leo died at the end of May in LICH. The artwork is from the 1960s. Their son Lee and his partner own Fusion Designs Gallery on Atlantic Avenue.

Katia said...

Thanks for the information, Andrew. I always loved this artwork.
Sorry to hear about Leo's passing.