Monday, May 21, 2012

Awash, Court Street's New Ethiopian Restaurant To Open On Tuesday

Get ready for AWASH at 242 Court Street.  According to a sign in the window, the new Ethiopian restaurant in Cobble Hill will be opening its doors this Tuesday, May 22nd at 5 PM.
Amidst all the Thai and Hamburger joints in the neighborhood, this will be a nice addition.

Here are some of the items on the menu:
*Yetimatim Fitfit: tomatoes, hot green peppers and onions mixed with injera and seasoned with lemon and olive oil.
*Gifilfil: beef strips sauteed in berbere (hot sauce) and mixed with injera.
*Yebeg Wat: succulent lamb stew seasoned in hearty berbere sauce.
*Doro Alicha: chicken cooked in kibbe ethiopian butter, onions and green peppers.
*Yatakilt Alicha: cabbage, carrots and potatoes delicately sauteed with peppers, onions and garlic.
The menu also features combination platters and vegetarian options.
The prices seem reasonable.  Appetizers range from $6 to $7.50,  main dishes range from $12 to $17
For further menu info, click here.

Until recently, this location was home to Quercy, a french bistro.


Anonymous said...

Welcome addition! Those trashy burger joints belong elsewhere.

Timothy Reed said...

Fantastic! South Brooklyn has very few Ethiopian restaurants - in fact, the only one I can think of is Ghenet on 4th Ave.

We're were a bit saddened that Quercy couldn't make it since it had been around for nearly 10 years, however we weren't frequent visitors and found ourselves going to Watty and Meg when we wanted something nicer that the usual.

We're definitely looking forward to trying Awash and hope it becomes a destination restaurant for us.

Anonymous said...

I walked by and saw maybe 6 or 7 tables occupied last night, did anyone try it? I'm hoping to get there this weekend

Anonymous said...

I think this is a great addition - but I do not think Quercy got the send off it deserved. Quercy was part of our "restaurant scene" before there was one and I believe continued to be the only Michelin reviewed restaurant in the neighborhood. That aside, the owner and all workers treated their regular like family and fed them as such. Their kindness, spirit and food will be missed.

Anonymous said...

Mixed bag. Sad to see Quercy go - we had actually only recently discovered it; on the other hand, we're fans of Awash from its Morningside Heights location. Hope this one continues in the same vein, that food is delish and well-priced. We'll probably check it out this week.

Katia said...

If you go, please send us an update.

Anonymous said...

We went here two weeks after they opened and the food was great. The service was slow but we didn't mind. A welcome addition to the nighborhood.