Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Best Comment Of The Day: Looking Forward To Trying 'Awash'

Reader Timothy has left the following comment on the post "Awash, Court Street's New Ethiopian Restaurant To Open On Tuesday":
Fantastic! South Brooklyn has very few Ethiopian restaurants - in fact, the only one I can think of is Ghenet on 4th Ave.We're were a bit saddened that Quercy couldn't make it since it had been around for nearly 10 years, however we weren't frequent visitors and found ourselves going to Watty and Meg when we wanted something nicer than the usual.We're definitely looking forward to trying Awash and hope it becomes a destination restaurant for us.
Has anyone tried Awash yet?

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Anonymous said...

Mu husband and I ate dinner there last night. We are fans of Ethiopian cuisine, and really enjoyed the food and ambiance. It was only the 2nd day, and they were still working out some minor kinks, but overall a good dining experience. Yummy food reasonable priced.