Tuesday, May 22, 2012

'First Place Provisions': A One-Stop Corner Deli With A Great Espresso Bar

A few readers told me about the newly opened 'First Place Provisions' at 414 Court Street and recommended that I try their espresso bar.  Yesterday, in the rain, I happened to walk past and stopped by to take a few pictures and to try their coffee.  I wasn't disappointed.
Grant, the barista, made me a macchiato that was truly amazing and gave me a much needed jolt on such a soggy day.  Grant uses Stumptown Coffee, but I suspect that his skill as a barista has much to do with the rich tan  layer of crema on the well-shot espresso.
If you aren't a coffee drinker, no problem.  Grant also makes a great cup of tea, using leaves from Bellocq Tea Atelier in Greenpoint.

But 'First Place Provisions'  is more than an espresso bar.  It is actually also a deli and health food store, which carries everything from specialty, organic foods to snacks to cigarette and even pet food.  And beer. Lots and lots of beers from around the world.

In the future, this place will also be making sandwiches.  The owner told me that he will get his bread from Sullivan Street Bakery.

In short, imagine 'First Place Provisions' as a one-stop corner deli, just better.  Much much better. It's definitely a great addition to the neighborhood.


Rob said...

That beer selection is impressive.

Erik said...

Rob, I believe you mean beeeer selection ;-)

Anonymous said...

Great coffee, and Grant is a very good barista. I dropped by the week they opened for a cup, and he gave it to me free, regardless of my insistence to pay him.

I hope that they do well.

Anonymous said...

Frances the vegetable vendor from years ago who occupied that location must be rolling in her grave right now!

Anonymous said...

I live on first place and already love this place. Much needed since that bodega on the other side of first place is USELESS and the owner is so rude.

Anonymous said...

I hope they do well, too, as both Grant and the owner have been extremely friendly and congenial when I've visited. I heard they may be open for 24 hours -- too good to be true, or (so hopefully) true??

Anonymous said...

Beeeer is really annoying and cloying. Stupid.
Health Food and Cigarettes. But I imagine it saves a hike to the actual health foods store on Union St.
Whatever. We need a post office. RIP Frances.

Anonymous said...

Local tea? That tea ain't from Red Hook. The grammar and slogans baffle me.

Anonymous said...

They really need to do something about their lighting. The flourescents are way too bright! For a place that seems made to attract late night customers, this is definitely not a smart move. It's extremely jarring to walk in there. They are very nice, but that sticks out like a sore thumb.

Anonymous said...

Second the lighting remark. Creepy lighting. Like a morgue