Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Get Ready: Court Street Festival This Sunday, May 6th

Whatever your plans for this week-end, don't miss the Court Street Festival on Sunday, May 6th. Court Street will be closed from Union Street to 9th Street to make room for about 200 vendors. There will be children's rides and music and lots of food. It starts at 12 and will go till 6 Pm.
See you there?


Michele C. said...

Is it only going on til 4 this year. Its usually on until 6.

Katia said...

Hi Michelle,
Yes, it did go on much later in years past. The information that I currently have is that it will start at 11 and end at 4.
I will certainly update the information if I find out otherwise.
I really have not even seen an official poster taped anywhere in the neighborhood for this year's event.

Let me know if you see one...

Rebecca S. said...

I haven't seen the posters up, but according to the clearview (organizer's) website, its on from 12-6pm

Katia said...

Hi all,
The official flier does say 12 to 6 PM. I have adjusted the information on my post.