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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Get Ready For The 15th Annual Brooklyn Film Festival

The Brooklyn Film Festival, now in its 15th year, just keeps on getting better. From June 1 to June 10th, 104 films from 24 different countries will be shown. The theme this year is DECOY.
The impressive line-up include feature films like "I Am Nasreen" directed by (director Tina Gharavi,England), "Rose" (director Wojtek Smarzowski, Poland) and "Last Kind Words" (director Kevin Barker, US), and Brooklyn Castle (director  Katie Dellamaggiore, US).
In addition, many films in the categories of Shorts, Documentaries , Animated and Experimental will be screened.
There is also a KidsFilmFest, tailored to children of all ages.
Find out more and watch trailers of each film here.
Screenings will be held at the Brooklyn Heights Cinema and at the Indie Screen in Williamsburg.
For showtimes and schedule, click here. To buy tickets, click here.  All other info can be fund here.

Below is the official press release.
Brooklyn Film Festival (BFF) is proud to announce its 2012 annual festival themed Decoy. The festival has received over 2,000 films from 111 countries. 60% of all submissions are US productions. The competitive event will run from June 1st through June 10th at indieScreen in Williamsburg, and the Brooklyn Heights Cinemas. The festival will present over 100 film premieres and each film will be shown twice. The full festival lineup will be announced in May 2012. 
Opening night film presentation will be staged on June 1 at Brooklyn Heights Cinemas (8pm); A party at The powerHouse Arena in Dumbo will follow (10pm-1am). From Friday, June 1st through Sunday, June 10th, programming will run at both indieScreen and Brooklyn Heights Cinemas.  Every day from Saturday June 2-10 there will be afterhours party at indieScreen. 
Festival executive director, Marco Ursino, said of the 2012 edition, "Decoy is a study on symbolism and metaphors. It is also our personal invitation to read between the lines while questioning the motives behind. Decoy will be a showcase of smart, multi-layered, deceiving, manipulative, yet unseen films coming from around the world in search of a Brooklyn breakthrough." 
This year, the festival will launch a brand new project, aimed ultimately at connecting filmmakers with film distributors. The project title is BFF Exchange and it'll be staged at indieScreen on June 9th. BFF Exchange will feature a pitch session and a "distribution" panel on each side of a working luncheon. 
On June 2nd, BFF will present the 8th annual kidsfilmfest. The festival will also be staged at various museums in Manhattan and Long Island throughout the year. 
The festival was established in 1998 as the first international competitive film festival in New York. BFF's primary goal is to connect filmmakers to distribution companies and expose them to the media. Many films that have premiered at BFF in past years went on to be released theatrically and/or are available at video stores near you. 
BFF will award the winners with prizes totaling over $60,000 in film services, products, and cash. Prizes include a seven-day theatrical release at indieScreen for both Best Feature and Best Documentary award winners.
For more info about the festival please visit www.brooklynfilmfestival.org.

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