Friday, May 11, 2012

A Look Inside Levant, Court Street's Newest Middle Eastern Eatery

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of meeting Sera Aghabi, the super-friendly owner of Levant at 316 Court Street. The new eatery, which opened last week-end, specializes in Middle Eastern Mazzeh, Grills and Manakeesh (a cross between pita and pizza.)
Sera and her husband, who come from Petra, Jordan, have decorated their new restaurant with objects from their native country. The feel is cozy and welcoming.
I didn't have the time to sample the food yet, but the chef offered me stuffed grape leaves which he had just made in the kitchen. They were amazing. If they are an indication on the rest of the dishes, I will certainly be back for a full meal.

Have you tried it yet?

316 Court Street Brooklyn, NY 11231 
1 (718) 797-1110
Open from 11:00 am to 11:00 pm


Allyn Howard said...

Look forward to trying, love Middle Eastern food! Interior looks nice :)

Sal Bass said...

Why all the press on this place and 16 Handles and nothing on the new market next to Vinzee's?

Katia said...

Sam, that place is next on my list.

Anonymous said...

Good because the coffee's good and the owner's terrific!

Manny said...

I've been to this place when it was Olive Vine, then when it was Palmyra. It was always decent and cheap but the main draw for me was the fact that they were both BYOB. Let's see how the third middle eastern place goes!

Little Earthquake said...

Just gotta say - been to Levant twice now and enjoyed it both times. I'm not a food critic so I won't bother with details. The owners are super nice and the food is delicious.

Anonymous said...

Cooked to perfection ....yum...