Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Tonight At Proteus Gowanus: Lynne Sachs' "Your Day Is My Night"


photo credit: Lynne Sachs
If you are looking for something to do tonight, head on over to Proteus Gowanus, the interdisciplinary gallery at 543 Union Street.   Brooklyn filmmaker Lynne Sachs will be  presenting an evening of film and integrated movement pieces based on her recent work with a group of Chinese and Puerto Rican performers

Your Day Is My Night: An Interactive Film-Performance
Tuesday, May 1, 7:30pm
$8 admission
Join us on Tuesday, May 1st for a unique cinema-performance event as part of the Proteus Migration Film & Video Series.
Brooklyn-based experimental documentary filmmaker Lynne Sachs will bring us a specially designed evening of film and integrated movement pieces based on her recent work with a group of Chinese and Puerto Rican performers. The Your Day is My Night Collective will explore “shift-beds” through verité conversations, character-driven fictions, and multi-format film loops. A shift-bed is shared by people who are neither in the same family nor in a relationship.
Inspired by theater visionaries Augusto Boal and the Wooster Group, the Collective has worked for the last year on a series of performance workshops centered around such beds – experienced, remembered, and imagined from profoundly different viewpoints. The audience will be encouraged to engage with the characters while walking through the gallery as a shift-bed house, witnessing their stories of life before and after immigration to the United States.
Film loops will be excerpted from the upcoming feature-length film, Your Day is My Night.

For more information about this event, please click here.


Lynne said...

HI there, thanks so much for posting this. Lots of folks from the neighborhood showed up. I really appreciate what you do for our community. With much appreciation from your neighbor a few houses down the street

Katia said...

My pleasure, Lynne.