Monday, June 25, 2012

The Bird House, A Small Hair Salon In Carroll Gardens, One Of The Highest-Rated Salons On YELP In All Of New York City

It's been a while since I checked in with stylist Brooke Hunt and her private hair studio The Bird House at 490 Court Street at the corner of Luquer Street here in Carroll Gardens. The salon is now just a bit over a year old and things have been going very well for Brooke. As a matter of fact, she just got some great news. She was just contacted by YELP because, as it turns out, The Bird House is one of the highest-rated salons on YELP in all of New York City.   How cool is that?   Especially for a one-person business in Brooklyn?
According to YELP,  The Bird House also offers one of the best selling deals the review site has ever had.
Take advantage of that deal here.
Congratulations, Brooke.

Bird House
490 Court Street
(entrance on Luquer Street)
1 952 412 1457

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Jenn said...

I bet it would be even better if the proprietor actually returned phone calls! I tried three separate times to make an appointment here, with out any luck. What gives? I wound up, very happily, at Fumi on 3rd Street instead!