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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Karen K And The Jitterbugs Rocked Carroll Park

Judging by the crowd and the big smiles on everyone's face, Saturday's performance by Karen K And The Jitterbug in Carroll Park was a huge success. On this sunny afternoon, neighborhood kids clapped, cheered and swayed to the band's catchy tunes.
The performance was the first of this summer's much loved Carroll Park Kids Concert Series. The event was hosted in collaboration with PS 58.  Throughout the summer, there will be three more such concerts featuring some of the most beloved children's bands in Brooklyn and each benefiting a local public school.
For the schedule and updates, click here.
A big thanks to organizer and neighborhood mom Simmi Degnemark and her tireless volunteers for their hard work and for bringing so much joy to the little ones and their families.


Anonymous said...

That crowd looks completely White...no minorities in Carroll Gardens?

Anonymous said...

yes. I agree but hey? Are there flyers put up anywhere beyond the immediate vicinity?
I heard them all the way at my flat. Looked like a fun time anyway for all.
Sometimes I think CGP is an island unto itself. Invitation Only. :(

Katia said...

The event was advertised in such city-wide publications as Time Out magazine as well as in local papers and blogs.

Anonymous said...

The crowd looks white.
So if I went to a concert in east new York would the crowd look anything different than Black? Come on that is such a stupid statement.