Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Something You Won't See Every Day: A Baby Pigeon In Carroll Gardens

photos courtesy of Anna Kuchment

Though there is no shortage of pigeons in Carroll Gardens or New York City for that matter, have you ever seen a baby pigeon?  I hadn't.   Neither had Anna Kuchment, neighborhood resident and editor at Scientific American. But yesterday, she came across this little feathered fellow in front of Giardini's Pizza on Smith Street.
Why is a baby pigeon sighting a rarity? Because they don’t leave the nest until they are as large as their parents.  That would explain it.
Find out much more on the encounter and about pigeons by clicking  on Kuchment's post on Scientific America's web site.
Did anyone else see the baby bird yesterday?

Thanks for sharing your photos and post, Anna.


Anonymous said...

How very cool!

thither said...

My God. It's hideous.

Anonymous said...

I see many dead and dismemberd babies on the sidewalks.
Either blown from the nest, like this one probably was, or snatched by our kestrals that fly through our neighborhood.
That baby will die unless it can fly.

Laura said...

Actually, I think it's quite cute. Baby birds look like rumpled little geezers.