Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Carroll Gardens Kids Organize Funday In Carroll Park

Kathleen Henderson, Carroll Park Playground Associate with her little friends
Kids For Carroll Park Committee.
Grace O'Keefe  (on far right) with her friends.
Though summer is almost over and the beginning of school is just around the corner, the fun has not stopped at Carroll Park. On Tuesday, Kathleen Henderson, beloved Playground Associate, hosted a "Funday" party, completely funded by the Kids For Carroll Park committee.

Kids For Carroll Park was founded by young Grace O'Keefe and her girlfriends in the spring to help raise money to provide Kathleen with more funds for additional art materials and toys for the park.

The girls held a bake sale and, as Grace proudly told me, they made $170. Some of the proceeds were used to organize yesterday's Funday, but the group also donated $65 to Friends Of Carroll Park, which will go towards an improvement project in the park.
Well done, girls!

Yesterday's party was also an opportunity for the kids to say good-bye to Kathleen. Yes, alas, her summer program ended today.

Judging by the giggles and smiles on everyone's face, the party was a huge success.

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collarcitybrownstone said...

I left Brooklyn in 1991. I have fund memories of living there. I have been living Upstate NY since I left Brooklyn. Troy New York where I live now reminds me of Brooklyn. It is nice to see activities like this for children going on in your neighborhood.