Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Former "Athena" Space On Smith Street Soon To Become New Eatery

The commercial space at 213 Smith Street, formerly occupied by Athena, a Greek restaurant  that never quite took off, is currently being gutted. It had been empty since May 2012, when Athena closed its doors.
Permits have been filed with the NYC Buildings Department for a new eating and drinking establishments.
Before Athena, the storefront was home to '213 Mexican' and before that "El Pitayo'. If my memory serves me right, the space once housed a Japanese restaurant.
(Does anyone remember past that?)

No word yet on what this new eatery will be.


R.Robot said...

It was "Wasabi" for a number of years. For a little while we had Wasabi, Faan, and then the place that is now a Thai restaurant across the street was also serving sushi.

I remember the day when I realized that Smith street suddenly had their first sushi restaurants and then realized that they were all within rock-throwing distance of each other. Those were heady times.

Katia said...

Wasabi! you are so right. Yea, I remember those days, when the first sushi places opened on Smith.
I even remember when Marquet Pastry opened on Smith Street. And the No Bolony Café.

Little Earthquake said...

That spot seems to be cursed. I went to El Pitayo and Wasabi one time each (underwhelmed both times). I never bothered with Athena; its prices didn't seem right for a Greek joint.

(There is a good new Greek place on Columbia St - Water's Edge. I recommend.)

Hoping whoever moves in can break the curse!