Monday, September 24, 2012

Michael's Shoe Repair: Despite Rising Rent, This Small Smith Street Business Staying Put

Great news! Michael Davidov of Michael's Shoe Repair Shop will be staying at its current location at 319 Smith Street after all.

Back in the spring, it seemed as though Davidov was going to be forced to close his shop. The
building housing his business was sold recently and the new landlord informed Davidov that he would increase the rent from $2,700 a month to $5,000 a month once the current lease expires in November '12.

Though it is a significant jump in rent for a small business like his, Davidov decided to sign a ten year lease and to stay put. After all, he has been a fixture on Smith Street between Union and President Streets here in Carroll Gardens for 19 years, ever since he took over an existing Shoe Repair store at Number 309 Smith Street. Nine years ago, he moved his business to 319 Smith Street on the same block.

During nearly two decades in the neighborhood, he has repaired countless shoes, zippers and bags for local residents. In 2007, he even made New York Magazine's Best Neighborhood Shoe Repair list.

I stopped by Michael's Shoe Repair Shop on Friday to tell Davidov how glad I was that he was staying in the neighborhood.  He smiled, obviously relieved that he had signed the new lease, even if it means his rent has gone up significantly.  "What can I do?" he asked, shrugging his shoulders.


Anonymous said...

Whoa crazy crazy! A tenant complained about his rent, but paid it anyway because he's in a prime location and that is the market rate?


Jodi said...

This man helped me out in such a generous and kind way last week. He doesn't know me, and I came into his shop with a stroller seat that was tearing. My twins were running around, and my eldest was trying to help me manage them. He fixed my seat while I waited, and then refused to let me pay him.

I couldn't have been more grateful, but perhaps now I am, knowing how his rent has been hiked, yet he still helped a neighborhood harried mother. Hats off to this man and his business. He has a new customer for life.

Anonymous said...

Thank heavens!! I thought that they were gone already. There are not too many shoe repair shops in the area now; we really need him.

Anonymous said...

Phew - now I can bring in my shoes - I thought he was gone already and did not know what to do!

Anonymous said...

He is still paying way too much. Shame. :( and yes Mikal is a wonderful nice neighbor.