Friday, September 14, 2012

New Greek Eatery On Smith Street To Be Called "Avlee'

The new Greek/Mediterranean restaurant, which is slated to open at 349 Smith Street later this fall, will be called 'Avlee'. A web site is in the works, but does not yet provide menu information. According to owners Andrew Poulos and Peter Rogakos, the eatery will have counter service and seating both inside and outside in the back yard.

The storefront was once occupied by Joe's Superette, an Italian deli owned by Leo Coladonato. Many in the neighborhood still miss Leo's sandwiches and prosciutto balls.


Anonymous said...

Sometimes it's pretty clear a restaurant is doomed to failure based on their choice of logo alone. Unfortunately for us, this looks like another of those restaurants.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes it's clear that there are some real jerks in the neighborhood based on their statements on local blogs alone. Unfortunately, this looks like another one of those people.

mikelite said...

I'm sorry but that is insane. To write off a restaurant that doesn't exist yet based on a plastic sign is the epitome of stupid, hipster snobbery. Please stop.

Anonymous said...

reaitotal snobbery but yeah- that font is cheap and awful. meant for a pharmaceutical company not an eatery. hope the food and the decor will make up for it.