Thursday, September 06, 2012

Summer Of 2012 A Very Good Year For Carroll Gardens' Fruit Crops

2012 seems to have been exceptional for fruit-bearing trees around the neighborhood.  You may remember the apricot tree on DeGraw Street that had an over-abundance of fruit. back in June  And now, in early September, there is more evidence that this year's hot summer has produced a bumper crop.
Just look at all the pears ripening on this tree on Carroll Street.  Though it bears fruit every fall, I have never seen so many hanging from its branches.

And look at this fig tree on Second Place at the corner of Court Street.  Quite impressive, no?
Did you have a bumper crop in your neighborhood yard this summer?  How were the tomatoes?


Anonymous said...

Apples are falling from an ancient apple tree behind president. Who planted that trees or was it a seed from a long tossed core?

Katia said...

Would love to see a photo.

Brooklyn Farmacy & Soda Fountain said...

I've been making homemade fig newtons for the Brooklyn Farmacy with figs from one of our neighbors. I trade him baked goods for 4 lb. bags of figs. I'll happily do the same with anyone else who's interested! Email to Nelle's attention at

Katia said...

Very cool. I'll stop by to take a photo of your fig newtons, if you don't mind.