Wednesday, September 19, 2012

'Yuppy Puppy' Dog Day Care Opening Soon On Union Street In Gowanus

Before there were hipsters, there were yuppies.  And those of us who moved to Brooklyn in the 1980's were commonly referred to as such.  But I hadn't heard the term for ages.
It made me chuckle to see it used for a new dog day care and grooming business at 455 Union Street near 3rd Avenue, which will open on September 30th.
I guess 'hipster' just doesn't rhyme as nicely.

Yuppy Puppy will also offer training and boarding.
Incidentally, there already exists a Yuppy Puppy in Modesto, California, but I doubt they are affiliated.


Anonymous said...

I still hear the newbies referred to as yuppies. Not a very affection term in the hood.

Michael said...

Nobody likes to be diminished by other people's words and I see it happen all the time around here. Life is too short for animosity and adolescent crap. That's one of the reasons I won't miss it around here, if I move: the tension created by the different demographics. I sometimes wonder if the Italians ever wonder why there are no streets around Carroll Gardens with Italian names - hm, seems someone was here before them.

No one can claim this neighborhood as their own.

Idalia said...

The hood is not very affectionate.

Marc said...

I'd like to see people get over their adolescent territorial style sooner or later. It's way past due.