Thursday, October 18, 2012

Aptsandloft Realty Owner's 'Unique Vision" for New Court Street Office Includes Vintage Movie Theatre Sign If Landmarks "Doesn't Balk At The Idea"

Just what Court Street needs. Another real estate office.

Once the home of a neighborhood deli, the 2,000 square foot storefront at 236 Court Street in landmarked Cobble Hill has become the second offices of aptsandlofts, a real estate brokerage firm.
Though the location is officially listed on the company's web site as open, construction work is still ongoing.  According to architectural drawings and quotes by  aptsandlofts' founder and president David Maundrell which are tapes on the front window, this  space will be able to seat 40 agents and will include a communal table as well as an 'angled, floating-glass conference room."

In the text,  Maundrell explains: "There are a lot of real estate companies that really believe in cramming in as many desks as they can. But this is an advertisement.  You're on Court Street, so the whole thing has got to look good."

But Maundrell's plans for the location don't stop there.  Maundrell's "unique vision" for the storefront include a vintage movie theatre sign with changeable type "if the Landmarks Preservation Commission doesn't balk at the idea."  The sign would display real-estate themed quotes which will be swapped out every few months.
"Nobody wants to see apartment listings up there. That would be obnoxious."

Obnoxious?  Heaven forbid, Mr. Maundrell.


Little Earthquake said...

These real estate offices need to piss off already. Or at least just open a traditional, non-obnoxious office. That Prudential / Douglas Ellman office near Caputo's is a crime against taste. At night it's as bright as the surface of the sun. And do we really need huge windows to put the entire office on exhibit? As for the one in this story, it pisses me off that something useful (deli) is being supplanted by yet another real estate office. Each new one that opens seems to crank the minimum rent higher too. Real estate offices in this neighborhood used to blend in and be quaint. Now they're overstated supernovas of gaudiness and attention-whoring.

Anonymous said...

Starring Hoodwinked, Greedy and Ignorant.

The marquee is a really ugly and stupid idea.

Anonymous said...

YES!!! Thank YOU, Little Earthquakes.

Trumbull Bully said...

Bully chiming in...

It really is a shame that we've got another real estate broker moving in. Court is already littered with them. And competition does nothing to drive down housing costs. I'm sure broker fees aren't suffering either. This industry is ripe for a shake-up.