Thursday, October 25, 2012

Best Comment Of The Day: Is The City Rewarding Developer For Overbuilding?

This building lot doesn't have 25,000 s.f. of allowable space under zoning.

It was built under the R6 zoning, Quality Housing zoning located on a "narrow street". That would allow 9,900 sq feet of residential use. The C2 commercial overlay allows 9,000 more s.f. of built Community Facility space. Together the building can't have more than 18,900 s.f.
Is this why the building didn't get a Cert. of Occupancy? Is the city now rewarding the developer for overbuilding by allowing homeless residency numbers to be based on 25,000 s.f.?

Is the city here saying it is OK to overbuild your zoning if you use the building for these other purposes, like homeless shelters?
Is this how developers will get away with building 15 stories in places like 12th St and PPW, by flipping it to a homeless shelter when they can't get a regulation CofO?


Anonymous said...

FAR is 3.0 if property line is within 100ft of Court Street (wide street) and max FAR is 4.8 (inclusive of the Community Facility).

This criminal architect was known for designing mezzanines and 5ft ceilings in closet rooms - areas that don't count to Floor Area and are firemen death traps but are sometimes removed after DOB issues a C of O.

Anonymous Johnson said...

You lot are giving Anonymous a bad name.