Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Carroll Gardener Dares You To Let Your Dog Pee On Her Fence

Carroll Gardener to dog owners:
"Go ahead, let your dog pee on my fence."

The local resident told me: "I confess I am proud of my idea. We got very tired of asking/fighting with people to stop their dogs and they just would not. I think I saw a photo of a dog peeing on a Romney yard sign and it got me thinking.  Most people are patriotic and I thought it would stop them. At least so far I think it has worked. No sign of pee."

Worth a try, no? 


Winston Smith said...

So many people think "their" dog's pee is ok

Anonymous said...

That's not the flag's purpose. At some point, a dog will probably pee on it. You should remove it immediately.

Michael said...

I like people and I like dogs and dogs should be curbed. But flags don't reflect any of what I like about people. Flags don't mean anything anymore - go ahead and scoop up some poop with it. It's all the same. Patriotism isn't healthy - it's just false pride ... and pride cometh before the fall, Lucifer... :)

Anonymous said...

This is essentially disrepectful to the flag. Unbeknownst to most people, there are specific rules as to how the U.S. flag and images of the flag may be displayed and maintained. It's unfortunate that this resident had to go to these lengths to get dog owners to mind their dogs and where they eliminate. When I was growing up, streets signs ("Curb Your Dog") were posted all over the city. Today, I don't think you see any signs anywhere. You can't blame the dog...the blame lies entirely with disrespectful, disgusting, and selfish owners who don't control where the dog goes and NEGLECTS to clean up after it. I'm a dog owner, and my dog was TAUGHT to eliminate at the curb, AND I CLEAN IT UP.

Anonymous said...

Blah, blah, blah... I think it's hilariously utilitarian and iconoclastic: how perfectly American!

Anonymous said...

This is pretty ridiculous. Arguments about the sanctity of the flag aside, why does this person think that little thing would protect the whole fence? The dog can pee to the right of the flag, to the left of it, above it, or below. It doesn't give the entire fence some sort of magical immunity.

Also, as dogs know nothing about flags, America, or patriotism, this person has provided a target for the pup. Rather than a long stretch of fence, there's this thing - this colorful thing - sitting there, drawing the dog's attention. "What's this?!" (Sniff!) "Colors!" (Sniff!) "Mine!" (Pee!)