Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Disgusting Sight On 2nd Place: Raw Sewage Flowing Onto Sidewalk

Just got these rather discussing photos from a reader who reports: "Massive amounts of raw sewage being dumped onto the street from the building on the corner of Smith and 2nd Place. Kids and parents are walking through it. Totally disgusting. And a mystery."
Pretty horrific, for sure.
Usually, we see sewage being dumped into the Gowanus Canal. But on 2nd Place?

Another eyewitness reports that the sewage seems to be coming out of the big garage door at 360 Smith Street, the brand new rental building.
I wonder if this little sewer problem is related to Hurricane Sandy, or just your run-of-the-mill plumbing problem.

If that is not enough of a yuck factor, CORD has some additional photos here.


triada said...

Katia..i went over there to look and and i truly thought i would vomit....i took some of my own pics...but i cant even bear to upload them to my desktop! yes its the garage door area

soooo gross and unhealthy!! UGH!

Anonymous said...

Has anyone notified 311?

Anonymous said...

I walked by this morning (I live on the block). Talked to a resident from the building. He said they had people in last night and it isn't from the building but just a general backup on the street. I dragged some trash bags to block the walkway. He said that they couldn't get the city out to deal cause they're overloaded (understandably). The situation could probably use some hazard cones or a more effective way to block the walk way.

Anonymous said...

As nauseating as these photos are (and I can't bear to look at the others), maybe someone should send them to the Lightstone Group and cordially let them know what they're getting themselves into.

Anonymous said...

Check out 134 second place