Monday, October 01, 2012

From PMFA's Mailbox: Looking For Photos Of Long Gone Carroll Gardens Pizzerias

Michael Berman, who writes Pizza Cetric, a blog dedicated to the perfect New York slice, is currently writing a story about Lucali on Henry Street and was wondering if anyone had old photos of some long gone pizzerias in the neighborhood.
The photos could be of the interior, the exterior or even of the pizza slice made in those establishments so long ago.
Michael writes: "I would (of course) credit any contributor and if they have only a print I could stop by wherever they are and make a quick copy photo."

In particular, he is looking for photos of:
*Frankie Penna's candy and submarine shop, and the candy shop that is now Lucali.
*LaBarbera Bakery

If you can help Michael out with some old photo of any of these places, contact him through his website or email me at pardonmeinbrooklyn AT gmail DOT com and I will forward.

By the way, for those who are newer to the neighborhood:
I still miss Cristardi's to this day. Best pizza in the neighborhood for many years. It used to be on President Street.
Leonardo's was located on Court Street where Dunkin Donuts is now. They made a good brick oven pizza, but they didn't sell by the slice, which I never understood.
La Barbera was on Court Street where the Brooklyn Bread Café is housed on Court Street between2nd and 3rd Place.
And I believe Gloria's once operated out of the Casa Rosa location at Court and President Streets. But that was long gone when I moved here 27 years ago.


Timothy Reed said...

I liked the folks that owned Leonardo's and liked their pizza. But Cristardi's was incredible. Their pizza was delicious, but the even more special thing there was the roasted garlic that they gave dine-in customers while they waited for the pizza.

Katia said...

Ha, I remember the roasted garlic. So delicious.
My favorite was the Arugula Pizza. To die for.

Anonymous said...

Cristardi's, oh, what a sweet memory. A little before their time. Leftover and cold, it was still the best pizza. Let alone hot!

michaelberman said...

Hi - I'm Michael, the one looking for photos. Thanks for digging through the old 4x6s anyone who does :-)!

I loved Cristardi's too, by the way - the pizza and the way it was hidden behind the drugstore in that tiny space. Who were those guys? Can't we get them back?!!

Katia said...

Yes! Please let me know if they opened someplace else. I would travel far for that pie.

Anonymous said...


My mom worked for LaBarbera bakery for many years. They had 2 locations. The bread was baked on Henry Street, where Lucali is now located. They had a second store on Court Street, between 2nd and 3rd Place.

Anonymous said...

anonymus is wrong - labarbera was one door down from lucali's location which was was louie's (or to my parent's generation) mimi's candy store...

marie belle said...

"anonymous said" on oct, 3 2012 (sorry over a year late) there was a la barbera on court as opened around 1985 well after the henry st location...was next to record store/video rental place (think the name was 4D video)...but original was on henry st...went there for my morning pizza in the summers before camp bus arrived (old school for those that don't know) Sicilian style, very little cheese, luke warm only served in the a.m.

bigred said...

Marie belle, I believe the bakery on court st opened in either the 50's or 60's if my memory is correct. Either way both the bread and especially the pizza was great. Grew up on that stuff.