Saturday, October 20, 2012

Third Annual Smith Street Soup Festival Another Great Success

Kittery and Ciro's
The Jake Walk
Arthur's On Smith
Cubana Café
Provence en Boite
Bombay Dream
Shelsky’s Smoked Fish
People's Republic Of Brooklyn
Jolie Cantina
Bar Tabac
The School For International Studies
Coco Roco
Hop Hap
The judges of the Third Annual Smith Street Soup Festival
from left to right:  Jady Cupid, Molly Simms, Marilyn Gelber and Bette Stolz

Smith Street Soup Fest 2012 was held this Saturday afternoon and judging by the many people walking around with small cups and spoons in their hands, it was another great success.
Some of Smith Street's favorite eateries participated by providing a 4 oz. sample of their special soup for the day.
The event was organized by Bette Stoltz of South Brooklyn Local Development Corporations (SBLDC) and was a fundraiser for The School For International Studies, a public school here in the neighborhood which has a wonderful culinary arts program.

Some of Smith Street's favorite eateries participated by providing a 4 oz. sample of their special soup for the day. A panel of judges, which included Marilyn Gelber – President of The Brooklyn Community Foundation/Local “Foodie”; Molly Simms – Senior Editor, Bust Magazine/Local “Foodie”; Jady Cupid-student at The School Of International Studies and Bette Stoltz, rated the 27 different soups.
According to Bette Stoltz, 4 gold ladles, 2 silvers, and 3 bronzes were awarded.

The Gold Ladle winners are: *The Jakewalk for their Kabocha Squash Soup with Maple Creme Fraiche,  *Angry Wades for their Frito Pie Chili, * Shelsky's Smoked Fish for their Celeraic & Apple Soup with Kippered Salmon, and *Seersucker for their Heirloom Tomato Soup with Cheddar Crisps.

The Silver Ladles went to: *Ciro's for their Squash Soup, and  *Zaytoons for their Red Lentil Soup. The

Bronze Ladles went to *Kittery for their Seafood Chowder, *Jolie Cantina for their Poblano Oxtail Pozole, and *Provence en Boite for their Soupe de Poissons.

"It was a great day on Smith Street and a great day for the Culinary Program," Bette writes.  I couldn't agree more. 


Anonymous said...

Bette Stoltz is one of the most wonderful things ever to happen to Smith St. She brings such an authentic sensibility to the life and commerce of Smith Street.

Few things, neither large-scale development plans nor city zoning schemes, have has such a positive sustained influence on a community and it's ability to provide employment as SBLDC has here in Carroll Gardens.

Thank you Ms. Stoltz, for not only having the cool ideas, but making them happen!

Anonymous said...

it is nuts that arthurs did not place at all for their chowder. it was the best and i heard many many people telling them that as i went back for more.

Becky said...

Hi Katia,

Something weird going on with the layout on your home page. All the stuff on the right sidebar has been bumped down to appear at the very bottom, after the posts. It looks correct when you click through to a single post. I'm on a Mac and I checked both with Safari and Chrome.

happy couple on henry street said...

I agree with anonymous @ 9:59 AM.

Arthurs was hands down my favorite soup on Smith Street. The Clam chowder was surreal. I'm glad I'm not alone with the feeling that they were overlooked in the judging...

Katia said...

Hi Becky, Yes, I just noticed it. Must be a problem on Blogger's end since I did not change the layout.
That happens sometimes.

growler said...

Hey, that isn't Ciro's, though you have it captioned that way. That is the guy behind Kittery (which should be opening soon, he said). He was really nice, quite friendly and open and if the rest of their menu is as good as his chowder was (they got completely hosed by the judges; his soup and Bar Tabac's lentil were the best of the bunch), it will be a great restautant. (I imagine he got snubbed because chowder is just too "common" in the eyes of judges.)

growler said...

I know it says "Ciro's" on the sign, but that's the Kittery guy. He was doling out his soup as well as Ciro's entry.

Katia said...

I think the guy was doing both Ciro's and Kittery. Will go ahead and ad the restaurant name to the photo.