Monday, November 05, 2012

Comment Of The Day: Still Under Mandatory Evacuation

Anonymous has left the following comment on the post "Gowanus Housing Gets Some Much Needed Help After Sandy":
The Zone A Gowanus building I live in is still under mandatory evacuation. And it will take some doing to get energy back to it. Basement is still flooded, and Con Ed will not restore energy until it is drained and dry. Boiler was submerged, so who knows what it will take to get it going again.


Anonymous said...

The 700 rental unit Lightstone project is in Zone A. City Planning better rethink that spot rezoning pass in light of all that has happened with Superstorm Sandy and is happening still. Building dense developments in a flood zone/hurricane evacuation zone is irresponsible at best, and in my mind, criminal - City Planning and the builders will not be the ones living there and suffering the effects. And we haven't even touched on the sewage and toxicity exposure!

Anonymous said...

We are still in a State of Emergency and the CIty does not have the authority to be doing this at all right now if they in fact are holing this hearing today.

Highly inappropriate and probably unethical! if true!

Contact Governor Cuomo ASAP!