Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Community Board 6 Ends The Year With Holiday Cheer And One Sad Good-Bye

CB6 Charirman Daniel Kumer
Craig Hammerman and Irene LoRe
Mr. and Mrs. Leroy Branch
Gary Reilley
Assemblywoman Joan Millman
Lou Sones
Peter Fleming
Zach Abrams
Michael Sorgatz, Eleanor Traubman and Pearl Lau
Democratic District Leader Jo Anne Simon
Officer Joe Morone and Captain Jeffrey Schiff of the 76th Precinct
Kimberly Price and George Fiala of The Red Hook Star Review
Celia Cacace
Councilman Brad Lander and Celia Cacace

Members of Brooklyn Community Board 6 gathered at Sheep Station on 4th Avenue last night for their yearly Holiday party.  It was an opportunity to celebrate after spending many hours volunteering by representing the Carroll Gardens, Cobble Hill, Red Hook, the Columbia Street District, Gowanus and Park Slope neighborhoods throughout 2012.
CB6 was joined by many of their friends, Assemblywoman Joan Millman, Councilman Brad Lander, District Leader Jo Anne Simon and the Captain of the 76th Precinct, Jeffrey Schiff.

Many local businesses had contributed prizes to a raffle, whose proceeds will go to Friends Of Community Board 6.

Sadly amongst all the good cheer, there was a sad farewell to Celia Cacace, who was a Community Board member for many years.
Celia spent her entire life in Carroll Gardens Red Hook. ( Celia never adopted her neighborhood's new name, introduced by gentrifying real estate brokers in the late 1960's, early '70's) She raised a family here and became an advocate for the community's senior citizens, our local schools and Carroll Park.
For decades, she never missed a meeting and was involved in every issue.
Unfortunately, Celia will have to move out of her apartment by the middle of next month.  Since she has not yet found another living arrangement in the neighborhood, she will be moving to Wisconsin to be with her son.
She does not want to leave, but does not have a choice.
Everyone who knows Celia knows what a big hole she will leave in the community.  If anyone knows of a small apartment in the neighborhood, please contact me or leave a comment.
Let's help keep Celia right here where she belongs.


George Fiala said...

The person with Kimberly Price is the other publisher of the Red Hook Star-Revue, George Fiala

Katia said...

So sorry, George. I just corrected.

Anonymous said...

I am so sad to hear that Celia is being pushed out of her own neighborhood. Pushed, lease ending whatever.
She is a total joy. Hopefully her son lives in a place where she can walk to town and isn't isolated in a suburb somewhere. She is a people person, a fixture, a really sweet woman. I wish I knew of a place for her. But maybe this will be an ok move. A new adventure. And as she always said to me, "God Bless."


Anonymous said...

So very sorry to hear Celia will be leaving not only the neighborhood but the City altogether. She will be missed by many! She is a wealth of information about her beloved 'Red Hook' neighborhood. Good luck, Celia. I will miss you and your insight. Late afternoon in the park will not be the same without a chat with you. Kathleen

Anonymous said...

what about St Mary of the Star apartments? at least make an application and eventually come back when they have opening.

Katia said...

I heard that the waiting period is a few years since there is a huge waiting list.

Anonymous said...

This is just another sad example of how badly our neighborhood needs more affordable Housing for seniors.