Monday, December 17, 2012

In PMFA's Mailbox: Stockpiling Mail

A Carroll Gardens reader contacted me to find out if others in the neighborhood have had trouble receiving their mail in the last few weeks. She writes:
"There was a lot of talk at our book club about the mail problems post-Sandy. We are not getting a good deal of our mail, especially magazines. And a number of us have had problems mailing out checks but the recipients still not receiving them weeks later.What's up with the post office? Where are they stockpiling all this mail?   Should we be hand delivering our Christmas cards?"
The Red Hook post office at 615 Clinton Street was closed for a while after the storm, which certainly delayed some mail delivery.

I have been trying to contact the post office to make sure that they are back to normal, but have only gotten a busy signal.

Has anyone else had issues with mail delivery lately?


c of cg said...

yeah, it's been an issue. one package and one letter have gone missing since sandy. have not experienced any problems for several years prior to that.

USPS claims to have delivered the package, and therefore, we've had to file a formal complaint so that they could start an internal investigation.

regarding the letter, it was eventually returned to sender even though sender and i confirmed that there was adequate postage and the address was correct.

don't know why there have been so many issues. i asked our package delivery postal employee (who drives around in a USPS truck) and he responded that they've hired a lot of temp workers since sandy and that there are rooms down at the station near red hook that are still being sorted and are filled with undelivered packages.

Joe said...

I've had trouble with receiving my mail, especially magazines, since moving to Carroll Gardens 2 years ago. Our mailman does not take any care to sort the mail, and it's a ritual for everyone in my building to go around everyday distributing mis-delivered mail. Magazines will often go weeks without arriving.

I wouldn't blame this on Sandy. An understaffed and/or subpar post office is to blame.

Anonymous said...

Often times my magazines are not delivered. And I'm in Kensington, not CG. Also, some times our mail is not delivered until after 7pm. Many of the post offices are having problems. Kathleen

Anonymous said...

The volume of our mail has been erratic...some days one or two pieces, the next day a huge pile. I don't think the Red Hood P.O. is completely back to normal. As for outgoing mail, I never drop it into a Brooklyn mailbox. You can add at least 3-4 days for delivery. I always mail from Manhattan, and delivery is usually 1-2 days.

Anonymous said...

Ii didn't get mail for a week after Sandy. I'm trying to avoid paying late fees on bills I never received. The post office was under 3 feet of water. Makes sense that mail was lost, but try telling that to a creditor.

Anonymous said...

I have lived CG for 11 years. The mail service from the Red Hook post office has always been erratic but now even worse. Mail is misdelivevered on an almost daily basis.