Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Question Of The Day: Any Good Tailor In the Neighborhood?

Here is a question from Reader ES, who wants t know if she could get a recommendation for a good tailor or seamstress in the neighborhood.
She writes:
"I'm not sure if you can field these types of questions, but here goes. I will be needing alterations on a wedding gown in several months -- it's a simple and light gown but with a few delicate details. I know there are no shortage of dry cleaners in the neighborhood to choose from, but I would feel better working with a tailor or seamstress who has experience with wedding dresses. I've visited One Stop on Court Street and he did a great job on a bridesmaid's dress I brought in, but I would also love to hear any other." recommendations. Thanks!
How about it?  Any advice?


Anonymous said...

I would highly reccomend Bridge Cleaners up on livingtson st. They have some excellent tailors. They also do a lot of costumes for broadway etc. I always take my nice suits there.

Margaret said...

I concur about Bridge Cleaners - a classy place, great work.

Alexuma said...

I recommend the Seoul Custom Tailor o Court (across from Union Market) - the language barrier is a little difficult, but they REALLY know what they are doing and get it right way when you start pointing. They fixed my friend's wedding dress after she took it to another tailor and they screwed it all up.

Anonymous said...

Seoul Taylor Shop on Court Street.. They have been around for 25 years.