Thursday, January 10, 2013

Bad Luck For Those Who Bought Holiday Gift Certificates At Providence Day Spa On Atlantic Avenue

Two separate readers informed me recently that Providence Day Spa at 329 Atlantic Avenue near Hoyt Street had closed its doors shortly before Christmas.  Sure enough, when I walked by the place, the gates were down.   Taped to the door was a notice from the NYC Marshall's Office, indicating that the building's owner was granted legal possession of the premises in early December.  A 'For Rent' sign from Boerum Hill Realty was already hung on the storefront.

Many of you may remember that a few years ago, Providence Hogan, the owner of Providence Day Spa was found guilty of stealing more than $82,000 from Cobble Hill's Public School 29 Parent Teacher Association while she served as treasurer.

She managed to stay out of jail by repaying over $50,000 to the PTA and agreeing to a quarterly payment schedule for the rest.
In August 2011, the Brooklyn Paper reported that she also owned $40,000 in back rent on her business.  Obviously, she never caught up with those rent payments.

Just before the business closed, the spa ran a couple of  pre-paid specials and sol Holiday gift certificates.  Some customers are now wondering how they will get reimbursed.
One customer left the following message on the business' Facebook Page:
"What?! Why advertise christmas gift certificates if its closed down?? How are we getting reimbursed? I bought 2."
Another writes:
"I would like to know as well. I bought my daughter a gift certificate for Christmas. Phone disconnected and no response from email."
And yet another states:
"Need to be reimbursed for gift certificates that are valid for the next 3 and 11 months."

These customers probably won't get their money back.
Where you one of those who purchased a gift certificate? Please let us know.


Anonymous said...

I am one such person. It's well within the 60 day window to challenge a charge with Amex, and I have already done so. If others are in the same boat, either seek to use a challenge to the credit for unused value or try to use purchase insurance if you have it.

Anonymous said...

Better Business Bureau should refund your money, but it might take a little while.

bklyn77 said...

Providdnce is perhaps a little misunderstood. Where do i mail my next check for her defense ??

Anonymous said...

Hogan apparently also declared personal bankruptcy.

Better Business Bureau has no authority to refund anyone's money--it is simply a customer dispute organization that has no authority to force refunds or require a business owner to do anything.

There is no defense--she pled guilty to a felony.

Anonymous said...