Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Picture Of The Day: Moss

A moss-covered brick wall on President Street


Laura said...


Katia said...

Thanks, Laura.

Anonymous said...

First wonderful photo!

I want to suggest you do a post on the abandonded lot next to Rite Aid on Smith Street. I am shocked at how much garbage has accumulated there and how nobody seems to be raising a stink about how ugly this whole block looks. Does Rite Aid own this lot? If not who does and could you find out their contact information? They should just tear down that fence or market it to someone who could do something creative with the space (as long as they fix it up).

Katia said...

Hi Anon,
Excellent idea. I ment to write about it for a while. Will start getting some info together for a post.

Anonymous said...

Agreed; that whole block is a mess. I have spoken to the Rite Aid "manager" about the trash in their tree pits - lot of good it did. It's a wide enough sidewalk for some nice landscaping. Your approach with the bank on Court Street was effective in getting them to clean up and landscape. Hope you are effective here.