Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The St.Clair Diner On Atlantic Avenue Closes Its Doors For Good

St Clair Diner at Atlantic Avenue and Smith Street in 2012 (above)
in January 2013 (below)
Despite the signs taped to its windows indicating that the St. Clair diner at the corner of Atlantic Avenue and Smith Street is undergoing renovation, it is pretty clear that the eatery has closed its doors for good. After all,  the interior has been completely gutted in the past week and all outside signs have been removed.  Besides, the diner, which opened at that location back in 1920, had undergone a complete remodel in 2007 when it changed ownership.
The hand-written sign also directs customers to St. Clair's sister restaurant at 155 Smith Street, just a few blocks up.

The diner's closing does not come as a surprise.  In late 2011,  Developer Joe Sitt of  Thor Equities purchased the building at 292 Atlantic Avenue/ 93 Smith Street,  which houses the diner,  for over $5 million.  Shortly afterwards, a huge banner advertising the retail space as a "world class flagship opportunity" was hung on the fa├žade of the building.

It would appear that Thor Equities has not yet found a renter for the space and the listing still appears on its web site.
A special site has also been set up here.   Here is a an excerpt from Thor Equities' listing:
"At the corner of Smith Street and Atlantic Avenue, this dynamic retail space sits in the midst of Brooklyn’s renowned Restaurant Row. Located just minutes from two community centerpieces, The Brooklyn Botanic Gardens and the brand new Barclays Center, home of the NBA Nets, 292 Atlantic Avenue is a compelling choice for your next location. 
Whether in search of organic food or new trendy clothes, you do not have to look far. In this quirky shopping district you can find many hip retailers. With Brooklyn Industries, Trader Joe’s and Barney’s COOP in the neighborhood, this area has it all."
Will you miss the St. Clair or are you looking forward to a new retailer at this location?


Anonymous said...

Eh, the Carroll Gardens diner suited me just fine, to be honest. But, what I do hate seeing is yet another shuttered storefront...one shuttered by developer greed.

Kyle said...

YES! I went there weekly for brunch! Terrible...I hope it doesn't become a TGIFs or something.... Carrol St. diner is similar/same food, but a corner diner with windows to the streets is so much better--especially since it had been there for nearly a century.

Right on the tails of Pacifico too...and Enamoo on the same block...and Robin de Bois--so many places disappearing.

Anonymous said...

I will miss the St. Clair. Good diner food and reasonably priced. And one of the cleanest bathrooms on the avenue.

Anonymous said...

I actually preferred the St Clair over CG Diner. I didn't go as much as I would have liked to have, but I think it was the best diner in the area (though Waterfront Diner is quickly become my go-to). But I have learned not to get attached to anyplace ever since they messed around with the underrated Gravy, changed it into Trout, and then closed it for good and opened a really stupid paper shop.

Is there any stopping Thor's hammer?

Anonymous said...

Too bad. Now all those court house peeps will just wander over to Montague. As they usually do.

Anonymous said...

Try Water's Edge Diner,

It's on Columbia / Union Street and you'll LOVE the interior design! Food is ok but service is fantastic. Let's support these businesses post-Sandy and help Red Hook recover.

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:14 must either be kidding or hasn't been there since the re-opening of Water's Edge. They ripped out all the gorgeous old authentic diner booths, stools and flooring and installed brown vinyl hotel decor. Their idea of character is a dead turtle in the window. I want to cry at the missed opportunity every time I walk by that place.

Anonymous said...

I actually miss the previous version of the St. Clair, the one with the 70's decor. It was like stepping back in time. Food was good and Pat the waitress was awesome.