Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Best Comment Of The Day: Doubtful

Anonymous has left the following comment on the post "Picture Of The Day: Culver Viaduct":
"The station originally closed late-May of 2011 and was supposed to open again in May of 2012. That date has come and gone along with a few other adjusted opening dates. The latest estimate is early April, I believe. I would bet a paycheck that the station isn't open to the public for one single day in April. I have my doubt about May too.
It's good to know the details look nice, but I'm simple. I just need an open station with escalators that don't break down every 3 days, platform roofs that aren't so full of holes that an umbrella is required on rainy days and a station entrance that doesn't have drug transactions taking place all day long. I'm only confident that #2 will happen."

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Anonymous said...

Can we talk about those drug sales? Why is it that everyone who uses that station knows that there is an open air drug market running there almost 24 hours a day, but the police cannot do anything about it? I have lived in the area for over 4 years and the lack of their ability to shut that down or move it to another corner is pretty unexplainable.