Friday, February 08, 2013

Looking Better Already! Some Housekeeping On Rite Aid Block In Carroll Gardens

Well,well,well!  Earlier this week,  I posted photos of the rather filthy conditions on the block between President and Union Streets on Smith Street.  The block is home to a Rite Aid,  but also has an empty lot that was once used as an indie market.  The market stopped operating in 2010, but the tent and metal booths used by vendors stayed behind.  Around the empty lot, garbage has been accumulating and Rita Aid has been storing empty cans and old shelving in the tent. The trash and the graffiti that has been sprayed on the metal booths have made the block look rather decrepit and ugly.
Many of you concurred that the situation is unacceptable.
After I posted photos and wrote about the history of the block, many of you gathered contact info on the landlord and on Rite Aid management.
Well, dear readers, your calls and/or emails must have helped, because yesterday, a crew emptied the tent and collected all the trash near the booths.   And it looks much better.
Let's hope that they will remove the unsightly tent and booths as well.

What would you like to see on that empty lot?  A nursery? A food vendor?  A place to park bicycles for those who ride to the subway?
Perhaps we can work with the landlord and Rite Aid to come up with something that will work for everyone in the community.


Joe Nardiello said...

Thank you for highlighting this.. when the metal bars were stolen (that held the doors on the 3 red/white bins) I'd added 3 makeshift wooden planks, to give it the appearance it was fastened. Also, the violation # is 34985737P in which the prop owner had to answer for the comcern of NYC Buildings Environmental Control Board. Wanted to ensure that local, nightly visitors wouldn't easily use these in a number of ways overnight that would amount to no-good (which they had started n the last 2 weeks). Thx again.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for being the catalyst in the cleanup. In addition to the eyesore that this had become, I have always been concerned about the unlocked metal booths.

Anonymous said...

I noticed today that for the first time ever, I think, RiteAid has cleared the snow! I really don't remember them doing so before, but the last time I completed an on-line store survey, I added the comment that they should remove the snow in front of their store. Maybe they heard me! Mary

Anonymous said...

Good for you and your readers, Katia!

Anonymous said...

Good first pass. Now about 16 Handles - were they waiting for an engraved invitation to shovel snow? As of 2pm Saturday, they had not bothered to do anything.

Anonymous said...

Not sure if it's big enough, but it would be cool to see a dog run here. I know my son would love to watch the dogs run around, and I'm sure dog owners on this side of the neighborhood would love to have a place to bring Fido.

tr said...

I think the space could make a great newstand/candy counter, and maybe they could serve some basic food: coffee, bagels, donuts, etc.