Thursday, February 28, 2013

Red Hook's Fairway Looking Ready For The Big Re-Opening Tomorrow

 photo credit: Nasreen B.

Fairway seems ready for its big re-opening tomorrow, judging by the stocked outside produce section is already restocked and the yellow lines in the parking lot.
The Red Hook supermarket has been closed since the end of October, when Hurricane Sandy wreaked havoc on this waterfront community.
Like many others, the Civil War era-building that houses Fairway suffered major water damage. After months of reparation and renovation, Fairway is ready for business again.
Are you looking forward to the grand re-opening?
What have you missed most?  The cheese counter, the produce, the fresh seafood or the meat section?

My friend and PMFA reader Nasreen was down in Red Hook this morning and took the photos above.
Thanks, Nasreen.

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Anonymous said...

Mostly I have missed not having to bus my groceries back to Red Hook. The new Fairway definitely fixed most of its layout issues that made it feel like grocery shopping at IKEA - there is more room in the aisles, similar items aren't so separated (there used to be salsa in 12 different spots in the store), and it is more open and less of a maze.