Monday, March 25, 2013

In Memory Of Carroll Gardener Brian Meissner

(photos courtesy of the family)

I just received very sad news of the passing of Carroll Gardener Brian Meissner of Butler Street from  Rich Murphy, who writes:
"Our neighbor and dear friend Brian Meissner [from Butler Street] past away last week leaving his wife Jeanne, twins Willa Lucy and son Jasper. He was 41 years old and a devoted dad and husband. Somewhere in your thousands of pictures is one or both girls attending some function in Carroll Park. It was one of their favorite places."

The family has set up a memorial web site, which celebrates Brian's life in words and photos. There is also a fundraiser to help offset his medical costs and help his young, beautiful family along.
From the site:
"On March 10, 2013, Brian Meissner suffered a massive stroke. After a hard-fought battle, he passed away one week later at the young age of 41. Brian was a devoted husband and father of three amazing kids, a thoughtful friend, a diehard baseball fan (Go Cubs!), talented graphic designer, and a Brooklynite to the core.
He and Jeanne and their kids Willa, Lucy, and Jasper “awesomed-it-up” every day. On any given weekend, they might have scrambled to five different birthday parties, had friends over or hung out in Prospect Park- sometimes all three.
Brian’s love of everything from football to fonts was infectious, smart, and always eagerly shared with everyone he knew at a moment’s notice in a funny and infectious way. Whether it was music or art or people, he was always searching for the new and interesting and delicious.
The outpouring of love and support for Brian's family has been tremendous and amazing, but the future will be challenging for Jeanne and the kids. Because we know so many people want to do something, we have set up this donation site. Although we cannot bring Brian back, we can alleviate some of the financial burden of his passing. Contributions will be used to help with the costs of Brian's medical care and for the children's education."
Perhaps we can all show Brian's family how generous this community is and how we stand behind them.    Please contribute here.

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