Saturday, March 16, 2013

Knock, Knock! Opossum At The Front Door

(photo credit: Nicholas Gorczynski)
Opossum sightings have become quite frequent in Carroll Gardens the last few year.  Here is yet another one.  Local resident Nicholas Gorczynski found one just outside his front door.  The little critter must have climbed up the stoop.
Nicholas grabbed his camera and shot these very funny photos.  He writes:
Not too long ago you had some articles about an opossum family that was proliferating in the neighborhood right? This [Friday] morning there was a little guy at the front door on (2nd place between Clinton and Henry). I opened the door and he was looking up like he was waiting to get in. He kind of blocked me in so I went out through the garden entrance instead and took some pictures.I don't think he was dangerous, just cold and scared. From reading anyway, I learned that having opposums around can be a good thing. 
My neighbor had a little interaction with him (his tail got caught in the door!) and once free he went on his way peacefully. She mentioned that she has seen these little guys on the block for some time and they make their appearance on occasion.
I must admit that opossums are quite cute, but I probably would not have tried to walk passed him either.  Thanks for sharing this, Nick.


Anonymous said...

unfortunately there was a dead one on henry between 1st and 2nd place. I saw it thursday or friday.. not sure which day. :(

Anonymous said...

i, too, saw the dead possum. it was late thursday night. i really hope this little possum didn't lose its mom or pop...

Anonymous said...