Tuesday, April 09, 2013

More Information On The Proposed "Brooklyn Night Bazaar" In Gowanus

Yesterday, PMFA reported that Aaron Broudo, the creator and organizer of Brooklyn Night Bazaar, a late night flea market, plans to bring the event to the shores of the Gowanus Canal.

To that end, he has applied for an outdoor Seasonal Liquor License under Brooklyn Bazaar LLC, for 226-242 Huntington Street. The site, situated between Smith Street and the Gowanus Canal, belongs to John Quadrozzi of Quadrozzi Concrete Corporation.

I had the chance to speak with Aaron Broudo this morning to get more details about the proposed Gowanus event.  He confirmed that it will be very similar to past bazaars, which have featured everything from artisanal crafts, food vendors, live music, d.j.s, dancing, as well as a wine and beer garden.

Broudo plans on hosting the Bazaar on the 60,000 square feet site for 14 weeks this summer, on Friday nights and Saturday nights from June 21 to September 21st.  Broudo anticipates attendance of 700 to 1,000 people on those nights. The hours will be from 6 PM to 12 PM.  Most will arrive by public transportation or bicycles, he believes. The entrance to the site will be on 9th Street, just steps away from the 9th Street F-train station, which is slated to re-open later this month.

Broudo understands that there may be concern about noise, but says that the music is more a part of the overall event, and as such, will feature smaller indie bands. To muffle the sound, the music stage will be covered by a dome-like structure, which can hold 200 to 300 people.

Another concern relates to the proximity of the venue to a Superfund site and to a large brownfield. When asked how he will make sure that people aren't tempted to dip their feet into the Gowanus Canal on a warm summer night, he mentioned that there is a 10 to 12 foot cement block barrier separating the lot from the water's edge. "We will most probably put up additional fencing.

The NY State Liquor Authority applicant is scheduled to appear for a review before Community Board 6,  The public will have a chance to weigh in on the matter  at CB6's Environmental Protection/Permits & Licenses Committee meeting on April 22  at 6:30 PM,  Old First Reformed Church, 729 Carroll Street (corner of 7th Avenue)


Anonymous said...

I had the opportunity to meet with this entrepreneur when he proposed a similar night bazaar for the Grand Army Plaza area. At that time (which was several years ago), he was very nonchalant about many details about the proposal and its potential impact on the surrounding community. This may be an ideal location for this kind of event, but to say "we may put up some additional fencing" leads me to believe he is still nonchalant, and not aware of the real liabilities of hosting this kind of event. I can imagine what his insurance carrier might think.

Rock Compound Recording said...

I think that this is a good idea for the neighborhood. This will provide entertainment and will probably help some of the local businesses, before and after the event. I only see a positive impact from this.

CCG is already upset about this, and is sending emails looking for the community to try to shut this down (and donations for their legal fund, of course).

We live in New York, this is part of the culture. Let the neighborhood progress.

Anonymous said...

Awesome - can't wait for this to start.

Rob said...

I'm surprised people are actually bothered by this and the location next to the canal. There's been events with alcohol and music at the Bklyn Yard/Mr. Sunday space next to the Carroll St bridge for the past couple of summers. To my knowledge, no one has fallen in the canal or attempted to go swimming at those events. This thing is way down by the Smith 9Th st station which is pretty industrial down there.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Rock.This is the sort of thing that makes NYC what it is...And maybe it will curb some of the open air drug dealing that goes on on that corner.

Anonymous said...

To the first poster - your judgment of Mr. Broudo and his interest in ensuring the community is not disrupted is immensely unfair and ill-informed. If you are so concerned, you should reach out to him and get more information before posting flippant judgments online. Further, he has hosted numerous events in the last year and a half without incident. For you to be harping on an erronous feeling you had years ago is rather petty.

Anonymous said...

I live right by this area in one of the large loft buildings and welcome it. I think it will be fun and a great use of the space for a summer since nothing seems to be happening permanently. It's the weekend, a little noise isn't going to hurt. It can't be any louder than the BQE or F Train that run outside my windows. The area is already covered with trash and an eyesore, perhaps the organizer will have daily clean-up crews and it will look better, it can't look worse. Also, it will be great if people walk around the neighborhood down here and perhaps visit some of the local business. We can't protest everything. Also there are large parties happening already in this area on weekends at the Gowanus Ballroom, thousands of people enjoying a art/warehouse party right there on 9th St by the train, has anyone even noticed??

Wendy said...

To everyone who is saying things like "move to the suburbs if you don't like noise" or "this is what Brooklyn is about", and "progress!" you should check that attitude at the door please. I don't want to live in the suburbs, I KNOW what this neighborhood is like, and what I like about it, because I live here. On purpose. I'm not just stopping in for a fun time visit. This is my home.

It's not a black and white thing - "enjoy noise or move to the suburbs!" That's absurdly simplistic.

Like many other families with children, I'm sure that being kept awake late at night every weekend all summer long so other people can come here to enjoy an artisan beer and stuff down some cornmeal crusted po'boys to the groovy sounds of some pretentious band or other is not really going to improve the otherwise great experience of living in this neighborhood.

Take the whole thing to an actually empty space, please.