Wednesday, April 03, 2013

PS 58 First Graders Celebrate Carroll Gardens

Sunny Bettles, Age 6, First Grade Class 213
"Fun in PS58th School Yard
Laura DePaolo, Age 6,  First Grade Class 211
"Ice Cream At 16 Handles"
Dylan Scott, Age 7,  First Grade Class 209
"Smith Canteen"
Ulan Velayoyan, Age 7, First Grade Class 213
"Sliding In Carroll Park"
Zayan Adame, First Grade Class 213
"On the swings"
Edith Harrington, Age 6, First Grade Class 213
"Painted Pot"
Dylan Marotta, Age 7, First Grade Class 227
"Skateboarding on my block"
Jacob Sheldon, Age 7, First Grade Class 209

If you happen to walk by Assemblywoman Joan Millman's district office at 341 Smith Street, make sure to take a look at the very sweet drawings made by first grade students of P.S. 58., which are hanging in the window.    The drawings all share one theme: "Celebrating our neighborhood."
A volunteer who helps out in the Assemblywoman's office organized this special art project with PS 58's art teacher. The result is super adorable.  It is also interesting to see what the students love most about Carroll Gardens.  Obviously, Carroll Park plays a big part in the children's lives, but so do the Painted Pot, 16 Handles and Smith Canteen.

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