Wednesday, May 29, 2013

A Little (Nostalgic) Carroll Gardens Movie: A Moment In The Sun

A Line From Brooklyn
An old Brooklyn postcard.

Carroll Gardener and friend David Castillo of Blue Barn Pictures sent me this beautiful little movie he filmed in the neighborhood this past week-end.  He writes:

"Yesterday I was at a bbq on President st and looked up to see clothes lines. I remember when i was little watching my mother hang clothes on the line and the squeak the wheel would make as she pushed the line out. Such an old school New York thing that has almost completely disappeared. I am glad Carroll Gardeners are still using clothes line."

 I am glad as well, David. And so glad you shared this movie. Thanks.


Unknown said...

I love this! As a newer resident of Union Street I've often wondered if people still use the clotheslines. When I first moved to my new apartment I wondered what the ladder-like structure was in the backyard. I wonder if anyone is able to reach up high enough to string new lines on them. I love hanging my laundry outside but have a feeling my neighbors probably wouldn't like it.

Katia said...

Sadly, we had to take our iron post out because it had rusted through at the bottom and was in danger of toppling over. But when we first moved into the house, my husband climbed all the way to the top to replace the wheel and the line for the upper floor of our house.
I can't imagine why I ever let him do that.