Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Just In Time For Summer: Kathleen Henderson, Carroll Park's Playground Associate, Will Be Back This Friday

Kathleen Henderson
Kathleen's collage of summers past

For many neighborhood kids, Summer in Carroll Park means friends, running through the sprinklers, and Kathleen Henderson.
Just in time for Memorial Day week-end, Kathleen, our beloved Carroll Park Playground Associate, will be back for another fun summer with more games and arts & craft. She has been part of our neighborhood for many years now and has seen scores of Carroll Gardens babies grow into adulthood, mine included.

As a member of Friends of Carroll Park, I can only say wonderful things about Kathleen. During her summer tenures in the park, she has become the neighborhood mom, grandma, sitter, and friend to many.  She has even been honored as a New York Woman of Distinction in Albany for her work.

Kathleen is starting this Friday, so stop by to welcome her back.

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Rich M said...

Dear NYC Parks & Recreation,
What took you so long? Kathleen is and has been one of most prized possessions in Carroll Park. Each year her budget is cut meaning less hours and less crafts in which keeps hundreds of kids entertained during the summer. My daughter is just at the age where the park doesn't hold that same magic as it used too, but mention, lets go say hi to Kathleen and she's leading the way. Please continue to support her in any way possible. Parents and fellow park visitors appreciate this magnificent woman and what she means to our beloved Carroll Park.