Thursday, May 30, 2013

New Liquor License For Former 'Jim And Andy' Produce Market On Court?

Just a few weeks ago, Jim and Andy, the delightfully old-fashioned, family-owned fruit and produce store  on Court Street, between Warren and Wycoff Streets, closed its doors for good.  The place was a real neighborhood institution and for many decades,  before Fairway and Union Market opened nearby, it was the only produce store far and wide that stocked a wider and fancier variety of fruit and vegetables.  Besides selling to local residents, the father and son team also supplied many of the local restaurants.

In 2009, the father passed away, but the son carried on. When the store closed this spring, it was rumored that the business was only closed to the public but would continue supplying neighborhood eateries.  That does not seem to be the case.
In the last month, the inside of the space has been completely gutted and a public notice has been taped to the gate, indicating that Jim and Andy, Inc. is applying for a full liquor license for this location.
(The applicant is going to appear in front of Community Board 6 on June 3rd.)

No word yet if the son is behind this new venture or if a new owner  just kept the name to pay homage. Hopefully that means that the old sign will stay.
Does anyone have more info?


Anonymous said...

I heard Alan Harding is involved.

Anonymous said...

Oh no. This could be horrible. But, knowing Alan, he will keep the sign and piggy back off of the name.
Ok, Alan, please clean up the Yacht Club. Filthy trash along the fence every day. It may not be yours but, come on. How hard can it be?

Barbara McDonald said...

Come on, you expect a man to clean up a bar/restaurant which he no longer owns? Reality please.

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous 1:26
Who told you that Allan Harding is involved.