Friday, June 14, 2013

'We Are Gowanus' Members Attend Community Board 6 Meeting To Express Concerns About Proposed Rock & Roll Playhouse In Gowanus

IMG_3057We Are Gowanus member  Katya Jestin addressing Community Board 6 on Wednesday night.
 Katya Jestin of We Are Gowanus
 Members of We Are Gowanus in the audience
At this month's Community Board 6's general meeting, which was held this past Wednesday, members of We Are Gowanus (WAG) took the opportunity to express concern about Peter Shapiro's proposed Rock And Roll Playhouse (RRPH), which is slated to open in Gowanus later this year.

In anticipation of the developer coming before Community Board 6's Permits and Licenses Committee to seek a full liquor license for his proposed venue, WAG wanted to make sure that CB6 members  were aware of issues regarding the conversion of the 6,570 SF building at 280 Bond Street between Sackett and Degraw Street that will house the Playhouse.

According to its web site, Rock and Roll Playhouse will offer "family friendly programming during the day, as well as programming for adults, such as educational talks, jazz and theatrical performances in the evenings."

Speaking for WAG,  Katya Jestin explained that the development is totally incongruous with the existing R6B zoning.  Furthermore, she pointed out that Peter Shapiro's insistence that the Rock and Roll Playhouse will be a theatre around children's programing is inconsistent with what he told members of WAG.

At a meeting in early May with homeowners whose property abuts the warehouse, Shapiro spoke of the evening programing in terms of a late night music venue featuring jazz and possibly other music seven days a week for those 21 and older. It would also feature a full bar with a last call around 1:30 AM, 2 AM on week-ends.

WAG is suggesting the disharmony between what Shapiro said to WAG, what the DOB plans show, and what he is saying to the public can be explained by the fact that the impresario's pitch  of a day time children' space is "a supterfuge meant to dull community opposition so that his liquor license and building modifications sail through city bureaucracy."

"We ask all of you to please keep in mind all the facts, to examine this closely, and to consider what we have told you when he comes before you," Katya Jesting told the Board.


Anonymous said...

This is so narcissistic. Community Board 6 meets and votes to put people's LIVES in danger in Gowanus, and not only is there no coverage of that here, but these people actually organize to address their petty noise issues? We're talking quality of life versus actual life here.

Jim said...

To anonymous - Huh?