Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Adieu, L'Auvergne! Hello, Brooklyn!

Ambert Market
For more than seven weeks, my quotidian life has evolved around an old stone house in a small village in the Auvergne region of France.  It was time to get back to Brooklyn, to slip back into my city life. Brooklyn life.
I won't lie.  It is a hard transition and no matter how long my stay in the Auvergne, I always wish I could stay just a few more days, a few more weeks.  Because, you see, as much as I love Brooklyn, this part of France and our house up on top of a hill, is never far from my thoughts when I am away.  Somehow, for me, life seems to be lived more intensely in the country.  I love the open sky, the fact that I can see rainclouds approach from far away, can admire the setting sun as it bathes everything in hues of orange and pink before setting beyond the horizon.
I shed a tear as I drove away from all this a few days ago. I am sure you understand.

Thank you for those of you who have come along on this trip.  I hope, like me, you have enjoyed yours summer and have been able to escape the City for a while.
I am now back in Carroll Gardens, sorting through mail and waiting for a cooler day to start weeding my Brooklyn garden.
I promise, I will start bringing news and posting photos of the neighborhood just as soon as I get settled and get over the jet-lag.

My, how the weeds have grown here in Brooklyn during my absence.


Mrs. G said...

Greetings Katia,

Thanks for the trip! Although you, Mr. Pardon Me and Jr. Pardon Me(?) worked so hard, from my end, I had a peaceful respite in European village life through your photos. Coming to your blog gave me a nice break from traffic, work, bills, etc. - even if just for a moment. Welcome Home Friend. Thank GOD you all made it back safe and sound. P.S. your garden doesn't look bad at all considering how long you have been away.

Anonymous said...

Glad you're back!! I'm disappointed you did not share more from the village, but I understand. The few glimpses you gave were wonderful!

Katia said...

Thanks. It's good to be back. Working my way through all the mail and the backyard weeds.
I planned on posting more about France, but somehow, the days always went by way too quickly.
Will try to post about Brooklyn and Carroll Gardens in a few days. Still struggling with jet-lag and getting up way too early in the boring, just to get supper tired bu 9 PM.

Agnes said...

Everywhere you are seems beautiful. I like the shots of your back yard with weeds, too!
Welcome back, Katia!

Katia said...

That is too sweet, Agnes. Thank you. I am happy to report that the front yard is now weed-free. The backyard is next.