Monday, September 16, 2013

Best Comment Of The Day: On Most Sundays...

A Reader has left the following comment on the post "A "Grove" No More: Gowanus Site Entirely Cleared Of Trees. Is Construction Next?":

"I understand the desire to build there, in lieu of the blight that is allowed to stand for most of the week, but i do think it's also completely fair to praise the organizers of the weekly MISTER SUNDAY event.
I've gone at least a dozen times over the last few years, i live here in the neighborhood, and i've always felt that the manner in which the event has been organized and presented to its guests has been exemplary. it's too bad that these days are over, here at the "gowanus grove."

The folks behind mister sunday were transparent and interested in providing a relaxed vibe, where everyone could be welcome. If one RSVP'd before the event, the entrance fee was reduced, allowing more people to afford to go. there was no door policy, no sense of exclusion. Quite the opposite.
It was one of the few places in carroll gardens were one could truly encounter the wide diversity of brooklyn, which certainly means that it was not just hipsters.

Not all of the guests were good enough to honor the terms that the organizers expressed, and some Sundays were less appealing than others because of that, but on most Sundays, dancing and hanging out here was a real treat - a way to wind down with friends before the work week starts up. It was certainly better than watching NFL.

I understand that there are few readers of this blog who will be sad to see the departure of mistersunday, while others will not be eager to welcome a new development, but i hope that in the void that is left behind, somebody else will seize the initiative to bring another gathering based on inclusion into our neighborhood."


gowanee said...

Lovely comment. I was never a fan, because of the controversy of that land, but after reading your comment, I too am now glad about the pleasure this event gave.

Rob said...

As someone who lives right around the corner it was a fun thing to do on a Sunday. It really wasn't that loud or obnoxious either and ended at a decent time. It did actually bring in quite an eclectic crowd. There were quite a few people who brought their small kids with them so it had a pretty open vibe about the place. I even saw a few people I knew who live in Manhattan going. That was a surprise to see anyone from there going considering most people think Brooklyn is just Williamsburg.