Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Picture Of The Day: Secured Fence

A novel way of fixing a broken fence
PS 32 schoolyard at President Street


Anonymous said...

The PS32 playground is heavily utilized by two schools, community organizations, and neighboring families. As with most public spaces it is subject to abuse and requires maitenance. While this image shows a much needed repair is required - it also implies a negative impression of the school itself. PS32 is an excellent school with a fine administration, caring teachers, and committed parents and families. As a neighbor and parent of a child who attends this school I do not appreicate the negative impression this photo suggests.

Katia said...

I took the photo because the heavy chain and the padlocks struck me as very funny.

Does it reflect badly on PS 32? No, PS 32 is a lovely school with great teachers and wonderful kids.

Does it reflect badly on the janitors of PS 32? Perhaps. It may even be an indication of the mediocrity we all seem to accept these days.

I have walked past there a few times since the start of this school year. The repair to the chain link fence has been like this for quite a while, so it is not a temporary fix.

If I were a neighbor or a parent of the school, I would have kindly ask the janitors at PS 32 for a more appropriate, more professional repair.

And if my photo leads to a better fence repair, I would be very happy.

Because we shouldn't teach our kids that mediocrity is acceptable.

Jim said...

Nice photo. Frame worthy.

Katia said...

Well, thank you, Jim

Anonymous said...

The custodians of PS32 are wonderful and doing the best job that they can do. They had made numerous repairs to this fence in the customary way but unfortunately some "intruders" continued to clip the fence in order to trespass after hours. Any delay regarding a proper repair or replacement are thanks to the DOE and not PS32 or their staff.

anonymous said...

Although, it is unacceptable to damage property in order to trespass to utilize the PS32 plaground, I have noticed that for at least the past year, the playground has not been opened on weekends, as it is supposed to be. This playground is supposed to be opened to the community on weekends and holidays, but all too often I go with my children to find the fence locked. One time, I happened to catch someone at the school with a key and asked him to open it, which he did without a problem, but I don't understand why it is not regularly opened during weekends.

Anonymous said...

The President St side entrance near the cafeteria is usually always open. People have been bringing their dogs into the school yard which is forbidden and I think that may have something to do with the lack of a visible entrance, but the school yard has been open. Also, many of you may not know this but the garden had been badly vandalized over the summer. Please don't blame the school for trying to protect what they have worked so hard to build.

Anonymous said...

The photo/image that you describe as funny is not funny to those of us who have worked so hard these last several years to establish a garden program for our children and community. Vandalism is a blight in whatever setting it occurs - and all the more disheartening when it occurs on the grounds our kids attend school and play.
While the fence fix is not pretty and requires a permanent repair, I think the chains are actually an ingenious solution that temporarliy solves a real problem in discouraging intruders. I can assure you that no one is settling for mediocrity. Perhaps if you had taken a moment to consider the garden just to the right of your lens or simply asked a few questions - rather than focus on a single crude fence repair - the photo and commentary would not have come across as so assuming.

Anonymous said...

Some of you are too sensitive. I read no criticism of the school itself and seems more a tribute to the ingenuity of the quick fix. Lighten up people!

Katia said...

Thanks, Anon. That needed to be said.

Jim said...

To Anonymous October 31, 2013 9:52 AM, November 01, 2013 1:26 PM, and November 01, 2013 10:24 PM (all of whom I presume to be the same person):

It's a photo not a commentary.

You sound the type(s) of parent(s) that make your children wear a friggin' helmet just to walk to the store.

Married into Carroll Gardens Historic Family said...

I must be a step behind on this, but when did School Yards (even BoE Public School Yards) become required to be opened to the general public/community again.
This was true when I was a kid (40+ years ago) but even then, it was only school yards that didn't have nearby parks - Carroll Park is right across the street.
I'm NO syaing the school yard isn't required to be open - - but could someone clear that up for me. I didn't think it was required to be.

By the way - that's no excuse for damagingthe fence just to get in.

PSS - Overall: It's just a funny picture, with no seemingly disrespectful thoughts to the school or its staff.

Katia said...

As I understand it, PS 32's school yard was renovated with special funds that stipulated that the schoolyard would be open to the entire community after school and on week-ends.

Anonymous said...

I believe that the hours the PS32 playground is open to the public is discretionary with the principal. The playground was renovated with funding from the Trust for Public Land and i think they require that the space be open for use by the community but I don't think there is any set amount of hours the playground is required to be open.

When I first moved to Carroll Gardens over 25 years ago, the PS 58 playground was basically just asphalt and was used in the evenings as a dog run. The neighborhood kids also played street hockey there. If I remember correctly, the principal had the playground locked because people were not cleaning up after their dogs. There may have also been a liability issue if someone were injured after school hours. There was a similar situation at PS 261.

Families who use the PS 32 playground should be thankful that the hours of use are extensive (maybe let the principal know it is appreciated and thank the custodians if you see them). It is great benefit to our neighborhood and I think most people who use the playground respect it and are mindful that it is first and foremost a playground for the children that attend PS 32 and New Horizons.

Claudia said...