Wednesday, November 13, 2013

A Moment In Time: Carroll Gardens Bike Tourists

They wore matching hats and rode bikes. In front of Esposito's on Court Street, they stopped to admire the store's big pig.
They were obviously part of a Rolling Orange Bikes tour.


Rolling Orange Bikes said...

We Dutch just love to bike, no matter how cold it is! Glad our Rolling Orange rental/tour bikes are getting recognized. They may be bright orange but they were hand build in The Netherlands and we love them. I wish these lady's cute hats were our idea!

Katia said...

I recognized those orange bikes immediately.
But the pink and blue hats need to be replaced by bright orange ones.
Wouldn't it be a great idea to hand them out to those participating in your tours during the winter? It would get you some instant publicity for the bikes and the tours.