Wednesday, November 06, 2013

From PMFA's Inbox: Is There A Good Old Fashioned Laundry In The Neighborhood?

Friend and PMFA reader M. just sent me the following email:
I am hoping you have a piece of neighborhood information. Where, oh where, is there an old fashioned Chinese Laundry where they do white sheets and fabrics bleached and super white and beautifully folded if not pressed? I have some of mom's beauties that I want to have well-done and wrap nicely for some of the nephews for the holidays. Let me know. Thanks!
Though we still have a few laundromats and dry cleaners in the neighborhood, the last old fashioned laundry places that I remember was the small place on Warren Street right off Court Street. The place was taken over by Idlewild Books a few years back.
I faintly remember a place on Henry Street, but I don't know if it is still open.

Does anyone know of a place where M. can take her mother's 'beauties"? Any info would be appreciated.


Anonymous said...

Hang on. There are several on upper east side of Manhattan. I'll get names.

Katia said...

That would be great. Thanks.

Caitlin Jennings said...

Can you explain what an "old fashioned" laundromat is versus the ones we have in the neighborhood now? I'm a newer resident and don't know the difference between those and the laundromats we have now.

Katia said...

Laundromats just have washing machines. You can drop off your laundry and they will wash it. The old fashioned laundries actually washed, bleached, starched, and steam-ironed shirts, table linens and bed linens.
Most laundromats and dry cleaners do not offer that service.

James Forsyth said...

She asked for an "old fashion Chinese Laundry." For some reason, over 25 years ago the one I used on Ditmas Ave. began having their laundry picked up by some place in Manhattan. I just recall a red box truck with some Chinese lettering and a Manhattan address. They would not tell why they began to do that.

rguy said...

Not to hijack the laundry question but in a similar note, does anyone know a good tailor in the neighborhood? I have shirts and a suit that I'd like altered and have no idea who's really good.

Anonymous said...

I think the poster is referring to what was called a 'hand laundry' which historically were run by chinese immigrant families. Growing up there were two on Henry Street @ Sackett and Carroll Streets. They've been gone since the 90's.

try this:

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Anonymous said...

As a child, I remember a Chinese hand laundry that used to be on the corner of Hoyt and Carroll Steets where I believe a small grocery store is now (or used to be). It always smelled of detergent and bleach. Before we got our first washing machine, my mother would take our bedding there to be laundered and ironed and my father's shirts laundered, starched, and ironed.

Anonymous said...

Not sure if the laundry on Henry & Atlantic does the "old fashioned" laundry. Check out the place on Montague St ( if it's still there.) I remember back in the 60's & early 70's ( probably the 50's too) when my Mom, Grandma, and neighbors used to have the man that came to pick up the shirts, sheets, lines, and it was "Chinese" Laundered. Those were the cleanest, crispest clothes & sheets!