Monday, December 02, 2013

Notice Of Upcoming Work At Lightstone Development Site In Gowanus

Renderings courtesy of Lightstone Group
It would appear that Lightstone Group is moving forward with its 700-unit rental development on the shores of the Gowanus Canal.
A notice of upcoming site work on the development site located at  363-365 Bond Street and 400 Carroll Street in Gowanus was sent out by Community Board 6's District Manager Craig Hammerman this past Wednesday.

The work is starting today, Monday, and will involve demolition, soil boring, asbestos abatement, and construction of fencing.

Below is the entire notice:
Beginning Monday, December 2nd, 2013, The Lightstone Group will begin pre-construction site preparation at its Gowanus property, located at 363-365 Bond Street and 400 Carroll Street.

The site preparation work that will be conducted includes:

363 Bond Street:
Completion of sidewalk bridge & fence installation
Routine asbestos abatement on roof and inside building, performed by personnel in full protective gear as required by code

365 Bond Street:
Construction fence relocation
Demolition start
Soil boring at bulkhead
Subcontractor walk-throughs

400 Carroll Street:
Deliveries to construction trailer
Brick mock-up installation
Soil boring at bulkhead
Routine asbestos abatement on roof and inside building, performed by personnel in full protective gear as required by code

Langan Engineering will oversee the asbestos abatement and ensure that the work is conducted in accordance with standard procedures.

Lettire/Pride will conduct the demolition work.

Hours of work: The work will be conducted between the hours of 7:00am and 6:00pm Monday through Friday. On Saturday work may be conducted between 9:00am and 6:00pm.


Anonymous said...

Amazing that after all the flooding caused by Hurricane Sandy this dense residential development project is still allowed to move forward. Shows the power that the real estate lobby has in the city.

Anonymous said...

All other issues aside, that canal STINKS. Really, really smells like a sewer a lot of the time. I can not believe they are building something this size on the "banks" of the canal. The residents will never be able to open their windows… yikes.

Anonymous said...

These artist depictions look great.. finally some new housing. and the EPA is making the City clean up the Canal. Hopefully new access to the water will be provided.

Rocco Rella said...

Currently, Lightstone is pile driving from 7:00 AM - 2:30 PM daily. The noise is horrendous. There are better methods of pile driving that don't make as much noise, such as Helical pile driving. They are utilizing the helical system at the construction site of State and Smith St. next to the court house, specifically so there wouldn't be noise. Residents near 1st and Bond cannot remain in their homes during the time of pile driving, cannot open their windows. Some people work from home and are unable to do so at this time. Lightstone had no regard for the residents in the area. We feel helpless against this behemoth.