Tuesday, December 17, 2013

"Urgent! Have Ready Cash!": New House Buying Scheme In The Neighborhood

Many of you may remember the slightly unprofessional hand-written note that was sent to some Brooklyn homeowners by a realtor named Jason, who was 'very interested' in buying property in the area.
It would appear that someone else is trying the same approach, although the letter from this "interested buyer" seems just a wee bit  creepier.  
The letter pictured above was left in front of every home on a block in Cobble Hill. It is marked "Urgent", and the word is repeated in bold inside the letter.  
Obviously, this approach to buying up real estate in the neighborhood can work, but the tone of the entire letter is really off-putting.
What do you think?
Did anyone else in the area get one as well.

Thanks to reader and friend Mary who took the photos and sent them to me.  


Anonymous said...

Yes, we live on Union St. (near Smith) and have gotten two of these over the past year. We rent and I called them number told them to stop harassing us. Haven't gotten one since!

Katia said...

It does seem like harassment. Over on PMFA's Facebook page, someone thought the letter was "like the Brooklyn version of those emails saying "Urgent my prince brother in Nigeria needs your help to get his 10 million dollar inheritance that I'll give you 10% of but you must act now!"

Anonymous said...

I've received similar letters in the past and was able to trace them to the sender. It's really an unsophisticated and unprofessional tactic, and it makes me question their business ethics. Do they actually think that people will believe them? It sounds like a high school business class project being put together by teenagers.

Anonymous said...

Of course they are unprofessional and annoying, but they dont qualify as harassment. If by trolling this way they find even one seller whose house or condo is underwater and in desperate need for cash, they have succeeded. The cost of distributing fliers by hand or through the mail (I get them all the time)is minimal.

Call them and tell them your house is worth $2.5 million and you are ready to sell for all cash. See how fast that call ends.