Friday, December 13, 2013

Works By Brooklyn-Based Artist Orazio On Display At Joint Neighborhood Shows

 Orazio's paintings on display at Vespa Properties, above,
and at Court Tree Collective, a new gallery/event space. 
TERRAE, a show featuring the works of Brooklyn-based, Italian artist Orazio can currently be seen in two different spaces in the neighborhood. You should most definitely seek out his works and meet the man behind them.
His paintings not only reflect a deep connection to the earth and to his Italian roots, they also combine his many talents and a real passion for his craft.

Born in Benevento, Italy, Orazio became interested in art at a young age. By 13 he apprenticed to a sculptor, then studied sculpture at the Academia di Belle Arti in Rome.
He moved to the United States in 1983.
Besides pursuing art, , Orazio is a sought-after master craftsman in the art of Stucchi Veneziani, a traditional Italian wall finish made of lime and marble dust.
Over time, this ancient craft has provided the artist with new ideas and has filtered into his artwork.

For his Terrae series, Orazio borrows the Stucchi Veneziani technique, building up several different layers on his canvas to create a sculpted surface. He then applies earth pigments mixed with marble dust that he mixes himself. The results are beautiful landscapes that mirror those of Orazio's childhood.

Some of Orazio's more current works can be seen at Vespa Properties, the realty office at 262 Court Street. Vespa's partners, Denver Butson and Pietro Costa, make their space available to artists and writers regularly to stay connected to the community. Orazio's is the seventh show hosted in their offices.  To accommodate some of Orazio's larger works, the brokerage firm has created additional wall space. The paintings will stay up till February 8th.

At the same time, Orazio's earlier work is being shown at Court Tree Collective, a new gallery/event space that opened at 371Court Street just three months ago. The paintings on display here are  part of the artist's Map Series and were inspired by the Galleria della Carta Geographica at the Vatican Museum.

Besides displaying his work, Court Tree Collective will be hosting an Italian cooking demonstration by Orazio this Saturday, December 15th from 2 to 5 PM .  The cost is $50.  Apparently, the artist is quite a chef as well. And I was told he makes his own wine, which he will be serving.

After meeting Orazio this past week, he was kind enough to invite me to his studio in Boerum Hill on Sunday.  Below are some of the photos I took during the visit.  The photos don't even come close to conveying the light of the amazing space and of Orazio's art.

IMG_5349 1

Below is a small film on Orazio and his art. It was made by Stephen Lipuma, one of Court Street Collective's partners.

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