Monday, January 27, 2014

Comment Of The Day: One Of A Kind Florist

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Old Time 'Gloria Flower Shoppe' Looking For New Owner on Court Street":
I'm 53 and knew Sal my entire life, personally, and as a florist. Sal was a good man, quiet, honest, nice guy. He did originally carry more of a selection until little deli's opened nearby and then he just went into plants, funeral, roses, etc. The flowers were always fresh, and he never "upped" the price on holidays like other do, ie Valentine's Day. He would always take people on their word. If you ordered over the phone, you could just go in and pay him when you passed by, whether it was a day later or a month later. As far as I know, he always operated in the same location - it was his Mother's florist from back in the 40's. Unfortunately, he was a one of kind and he will never be replaced.

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